Revolutionizing the construction industry by influencing productivity using artificial intelligence and advanced project management.

Know what is happening with your company and its projects with live data.


Project Rundown

Know if you are hitting your profit target and other project stats all in one place.


Labor Cost & Material Log

Visualize your company’s labor cost and see how close you were in material cost versus your estimate.


Total Cost

See your actual cost to date and cost to complete at a glance


Verification Process

Confirmation of tasks can be done from anywhere and automatically.

What distinguishes us from other companies

Task Library

Construct AI learns and builds a library with statistics for all tasks done by your company. These are used to provide you with accurate predicted project end dates, material and labor costs.

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Advanced Project Management

Easily import your Schedule of Values and set your build targets per any time period. Real time status updates from tasks allows Construct AI to predict if your line item will be late and provide a cost at complete estimate.

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Your material deliveries and inventory is integrated with your projects and controlled from one source; meaning work doesn’t stop and material is not wasted.

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Time Records

Monitor worker clock in and clock out from anywhere and easily export time records for payroll. Get notified if a task needs reassignment due to attendance issues.

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Client View

Create a gallery for your clients to see progress images on a project. Visually see what effect change orders are having on the projects budget and/or end date.


All communications are integrated between workers, supervisors, project managers and project stakeholders. Request For Information (RFI) requests are securely integrated as well so everything is one place and nothing gets left behind.

Your Schedule of Values, profit margin and predicted end date in one place


Add Line Items

Import or add your line items one by one.

View Cost to Complete

Know where your line items stand at all times

Predicted Analysis, % Complete and Needed

State of the Art Prediction Technology lets you know when you are late before you do.


Supervisor Dashboard

Get updates on all tasks and easily action solutions.

Our product in the field

Intuitive Clock In and Clock Out Feature

Workers simply scan in and start their work for the day. At the end of the day they can clock out or simply walk out of the job site

Visual Task Verification and Description

With the aid of AI supervisors can visually verify work progress from anywhere and workers know exactly what to do. Reducing rework and mistakes makes everyones bottom line look great.

Earn Points with Our Reward System

Designed to take great work to the next level and boost productivity to produce incredible results.


How we meet our users goals and needs

Who can use our app?

Select Employees



Easy to create user accounts for your company and maintain employee payroll hours using our Time Records feature.

Built for the field

Producing incredible results when humans and machines work together.

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